Posted in: Entertainment Posted on: Jul 18th, 2016

You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Do in The Galleria, Houston

Photo Credit: Public Domain

What makes a particular city desireable? Economic security, plenty of job opportunity and great housing are all important. But so is having ample selection when it comes to things to do for fun on a weekday night or weekend. When you're living in The Galleria, Houston, you have a wide range of things to choose from. Whether you want to try your hand at making your own wine, connect with your inner artist, or feel like a kid again, it’s easy to you'll find something to pass the time in a fun way.

Tap Into Your Inner Child

Think of it as a Chuck E. Cheese for adults (although kids are also welcome, as long as they bring their parents along). Dave & Buster's has games, food, and drinks. You can visit the restaurant and arcade with friends or put a spin on a business meeting by heading here for lunch, then hitting the midway afterwards for some friendly competition. Part of the fun of playing the games at D&B's is racking up points on your PowerCard. You can redeem those points for prizes at the Winner's Circle.

Tap Into Your Inner Artist

If you have fond memories of art class back in school, but can't find the time to paint or draw on your own, a visit to Pinot's Palette can help you release your inner artist and tap into your creativity. During a class at Pinot's Palette, an instructor guides you step by step through the processing of painting a picture. The paintings vary from class to class, so it makes sense to pick a picture you like when choosing your class time.

As if spending an evening painting weren't fun enough, the classes are also BYOB and BYOF (bring your own food.) It's a great excuse to grab a few friends and a bottle or two of wine and get settled in for a fun night out.

Tap Into Your Inner Film Buff

What's better than seeing the latest film in the theater? Seeing it while enjoying a meal and a drink. At iPic Theater, you can order food and drink at the express counter and enjoy it from your seat or purchase premium seats and enjoy table service. A server will take your orders and bring your food to you. The premium seats also recline and come with blankets, so you can really lean back and relax while watching a new movie.

Tap Into Your Inner Oenophile

When living in The Galleria, Houston, you have more options in terms of wine tasting than you would in other cities. You have the opportunity to make your own wine. At Water 2 Wine, you pick out the grape varieties and add yeast, then turn over the rest of the process to the company's winemaking pros. While you wait the six to eight weeks for your wine to be ready, you have the chance to design custom labels for your bottles. Once it's ready, you can invite your friends to a bottling party, during which you fill and cork up to 30 bottles of your custom wine. Cheers!