Posted in: Living Posted on: Apr 29th, 2016

3 Tips for Decorating Your Galleria Apartment

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Once you begin renting in Galleria, Houston, you will certainly be excited and ready to begin decorating your new space and making it your own. This can definitely be a fun experience for new apartment owners, but you may need some help. Perhaps you need help with some ideas, or maybe you need some new materials or supplies to make your visualized living space come alive. Whatever your needs are, there are plenty of resources available to you. Many of them can even be found right in our neighborhood! Use this guide to get started, and your new apartment will be styled the way you like it before you know it!

Less is More

One of the best apartment decorating ideas is the common mantra, “less is more.” De-cluttering and planning to use your space as efficiently as possible can certainly help you enjoy life in your apartment unit more. Professional cleaning consultant Marie Kondo has published more than one book about her renowned method for home organization, and she has many fans around the world. She also has a three month waiting list for personal consultations with clients! She has an entire process laid out for deciding which possessions you should hold onto, and which ones you should let go. Visit her website for more information on her publications and helpful advice for upgrading your apartment into the perfect home space.

Call a Professional

In some cases, you may need to bring a local professional into your home in order to get the best apartment decorating tips. An interior design expert can visit your apartment and help you develop an entire design concept, or offer advice on how to pull the space together. Contact Paloma Contreras, a full-service design firm based in Houston. They offer local professional design services that can support your vision of how your living quarters should look and how they function. The firm offers timeless designs with a blend of glamour and color, and their creative team is always available to help you create the perfect balance. Call Paloma Contreras today and see what designs they are able to help you develop!

Supplies for Making a Home

Every move brings up the need for new items that can help you turn your new apartment into your personal living space. You may need new furniture items to complete the room, or perhaps you require accessory or accent items to pull a room together. Be sure to visit Z Gallerie, conveniently located within two miles of our apartments. They offer a full selection of choices for bedding, furniture, décor, tableware, and more! If you have trouble making selections, you can visit their website to take their “style personality test,” which can help give you direction in choosing pieces for your home. The style professionals at Z Gallerie believe in helping you make “small changes with a big impact,” which is the exact type of help you need for making style changes while renting in Galleria, Houston.

There are many resources available to you as you work on making your new space with Montierra Apartments your own. Which services do you think you will utilize?