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Experience The Galleria: The Largest Mall in Texas

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Houston residents with apartments near the Galleria are very fortunate indeed. The Galleria is an upscale shopping complex with many attractive amenities. Nearby residents enjoy the convenient access to a large range of luxury stores and restaurants. Read on to learn about the Galleria and see why this retail juggernaut is a very attractive feature to have in the neighborhood.


The first plans for a luxurious shopping and dining space with a hotel in Houston were laid out in the 1940’s by local oilman Glenn H. McCarthy. Mr. McCarthy was forced to scrap the plans when the Hilton Hotel franchise took over the Shamrock Hotel, a key property for his development plan. The plans for the Galleria started gaining new traction in the 1960’s, when Gerald D. Hines resumed McCarthy’s plans and endeavored to bring his vision of a high-end shopping facility paired with overnight accommodations in Houston to life. Hines opened the Galleria on November 16, 1970, with 600,000 square feet of retail, dining, and hotel space. Two expansions increased the size of the facility, adding Galleria II in 1976, Galleria III in 1986, and Galleria IV in 2003.

Today, the Galleria stands proudly and welcomes 30 million annual visitors to peruse its 2.4 million square feet to shop, eat, and stay in the lap of luxury.


The Galleria is considered by many to be the most popular destination for tourists. It is certainly the most luxurious, with many of its architectural elements hailing from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a nineteenth century shopping center in Milan. Patrons that have visited the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II would recognize its most distinguished feature in Houston’s Galleria, a barrel vault which marks the Galleria’s central axis with an elegant glaze.

Over 7,000 employees utilize more than 1.1 million square feet of office space provided by the Galleria, divided into three towers. They enjoy the convenience of being able to easily access the Galleria during their lunch breaks or before/after work.

The Galleria complex currently has two hotels, Westin Oaks and Westin Galleria. Together, the hotels offer almost 900 rooms and suites for visitors to stay in while enjoying all that the Galleria has to offer.


Patrons and visitors of the Galleria have many amenities at their disposal to ensure they experience the most comfortable and enjoyable visit possible. The complex offers 13,000 parking spots in six parking garages, as well as six valet stations, so that you don’t have to waste a moment searching for a place to park.

Once you have arrived, there are countless amenities and extras for your convenience. There are three national and international banks, and a post office. Your children will enjoy time spent in the Galleria’s children’s play area. If you need a haircut, you have more than seven beauty salons to choose from. If your suit needs attention, there are two tailor shops available to you. You’ll also have to make time for the Galleria’s two swimming pools and full-size ice skating rink!

It is easy to see why residents with apartments near the Galleria have a great living experience. With all of the shops, restaurants and special amenities, what’s not to enjoy?