Posted in: Dining Posted on: Sep 10th, 2015

4 Remarkable Galleria Restaurants That Your Wallet Will Love!

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Everybody knows that the largest city in the US is New York City, but not everyone can cite the fourth largest city off of the top of their head. This spot belongs to Houston, which is now the home of over 2.2 million people. This population makes this Lone Star State city an incredibly unique and diverse place to live. On top of this, it also opens the door for many fantastic restaurants for you to enjoy, even on a budget. In fact, Galleria, Houston is home to an enormous range of affordable restaurants. Here’s a quick look at some of the best budget-friendly restaurants in Galleria, Houston.

French Bakery: French Riviera Bakery and Café

If you want a taste of Paris, then the French Riviera Bakery and Café will provide you with all of your French pastry desires. This quaint little bakery produces some of the best sandwiches, pastries, and coffee drinks in all of Houston. Try their croissants for a flaky and light treat that melts in your mouth. Additionally, there’s nothing quite like the crunch of Riviera’s traditional New Orleans style French baguette, complete with a crackling crust baked to perfection.

Family Owned Restaurant: The Buffalo Grille

The Buffalo Grille is a family-owned establishment that first opened its doors in 1984. It is an extremely popular spot for those who are searching for some comfort food, with such dishes as the peppered pork chops or the chicken fried steak. This popularity comes with a downside, however, as you must be cautious about coming here on a weekend unless you want to deal with a line that can often wind out the door.

Buffet: Cleburne Cafeteria

Although it is harder to come by cafeterias these days, especially those that serve good food, Cleburne Cafeteria is the exception. This cheap meal option first opened in 1941 and has dedicated itself to providing high-quality meals in a fast-paced setting ever since. This buffet style eatery gets all of its food from local farmers and only cooks with real butter and olive oil. If you try this place out, don’t forget about the dessert, as they also make delicious in-house cakes, cobblers, and pies.

Tex-Mex: Überrito

Überrito caters to all your Tex-Mex desires, and they do so with perfection. In fact, just one visit will make you forget about chain variety burritos altogether. At Überrito, you get to create your own burrito with your choice of tortilla, grilled vegetables, and meat. After these basics are under control, you can put in as many ingredients as you’d like, including cheese, guacamole, pinto beans, rice, and fresh jalapenos. This eatery also serves up a mean chicken and tortilla soup, as well as a variety of salads, for when you are craving something on the lighter side.