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Supporting Small Business by Going Local in Galleria

Photo Credit: Public Domain

When you're renting in Galleria, Houston, you're living pretty close to a wide range of malls and shopping centers. Being in the heart of things means that you're able to access a number of local businesses in Galleria, from hair and beauty salons to smaller bookstore chains. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find pretty much anything you need without having to travel far from home.

Styling Services

You sometimes need to change things up when it comes to your hairstyle. In the Galleria area, you'll be in good hands. Whether you're looking for a completely new look or just want to refresh your current style, the hair stylists at Heath Style can help. They can cut, color, or restyle your hair for an everyday look or for a special occasion.

The team of stylists at Posh Salon offer a full array of hair services, as well as makeup help. Whether you need pointers on how to apply it, or want someone to dress you up for a special event, they will make you look your best. The salon also offers lash extensions and spa services, such as hair removal and massages.

Local Bookstores

Amazon isn't your only option for finding books if you love to read. There are a few used bookstores that are local to the Houston area. Located just above the downtown district, Kaboom Books has a vast selection of more than 100,000 books, with titles ranging from recently released popular books to those that have been out of print for years. If you have a few books that you no longer want but that are still in good shape, you can sell them to the store or trade them for new-to-you titles.

As its name suggests, Half Priced Books, sells used books for around half the price of their new counterparts. The store is actually a smaller chain, with a few locations throughout Houston and the state. Along with offering a large selection of used books, the store also has a smaller, carefully curated selection of new volumes.

Farmers Markets

Buying local produce is great. Buying local produce that helps a good organization is even better. Located a few miles from the Galleria, the Urban Harvest farmers market operates year round. Purchasing vegetables and fruit at the market helps support local farms and gives you a chance to enjoy food at its best.

Tailors and Shoe Repair

With all the opportunities you have for shopping at the Galleria and nearby malls, you might want to have a tailor and a cobbler up your sleeve, for those times when a garment just doesn't fit or when your favorite pair of shoes needs a bit of attention. The Houston Shoe Hospital can repair the worn out soles on a pair of heels or oxfords, or add sole protectors to shoes to shield them from wear and tear.

If something doesn't fit you quite right, take it to Saad's Tailors to have it altered. The tailor also offers bespoke tailoring and will cut and make a suit to your exact measurements.