Posted in: Living Posted on: Jun 16th, 2015

Local Volunteer Opportunities

When you're new to a city, one way to get out and meet people, while helping a cause you believe in, is to volunteer. People living in Galleria, Houston have plenty of options when it comes to volunteering. You can sign up to help out at a local animal shelter, volunteer to keep litter off of the streets, or serve as a role model to a young person. If you want to volunteer in Galleria or the surrounding area, the opportunities are endless.

Be a Role Model

Perhaps you want to donate some of your time to help the next generation. One option is to volunteer with Girls, Inc. of Greater Houston. The mission of Girls, Inc. is to help girls be inspired to be smart, bold, and strong. As a whole, the organization aims to act as an advocate for girls, to help them overcome discrimination and help them become independent and responsible members of the community at large.

While you don't have to work directly with girls if you volunteer with Girls, Inc., one of the opportunities with the organization is to teach during its Strong, Smart, and Bold programs. You can also volunteer to help with administrative tasks or to help with IT or printing.

Another way to be a good example or a role model for young girls is to volunteer with Girls on the Run in Greater Houston. The organization sponsors 10-week programs that teach girls basic life skills during weekly sessions. At the end of each 10-week program, participants run a 5K, which gives them a sense of accomplishment and helps them see that they can set and reach a goal.

Volunteer opportunities with Girls on the Run include serving as a head or assistant coach during one of the programs, or being a group leader. You can also sign up as a volunteer during one of the organization's races, if you can't commit to a full 10-week session.

Help Pets

If you love animals, you can help those in need in Houston by volunteering with Buster's Friends. You can help the organization in several ways. Since it's an all-volunteer operation that doesn't have its own facility, one way you can help is by offering to foster a dog or cat until he or she is adopted and can go home with his or her new owner. You can also volunteer to take dogs for walks or to help socialize cats.

Keep Your City Clean

A clean city is a happy city. You can help make your city a better place to live by volunteering with Keep Houston Beautiful. The organization has a number of volunteer days throughout the year, on which people head out to tidy up. There are also ongoing Adopt-a-Block and Adopt-a-Ditch activities, in which volunteers pick up litter or plant trees, respectively.

Volunteering doesn't just help your community. It also helps you by giving you something positive to do while feeling that you are working for the greater good of the world around you.