Posted in: Living Shopping Posted on: Jun 9th, 2015

Shopping in Galleria, Houston

Photo Credit: Galleria Shops by Postoak | CC BY-SA 3.0

If there’s one thing the Uptown area of Houston is known for, it’s shopping. More than 26 million people travel to the area every year for its numerous shopping options. Those living in Galleria, Houston, have the benefit of living among the largest number of couture shops in the city. While there are plenty of traditional mall stores, you’ll also find boutiques from the likes of Dior, Versace, and YSL in the area.

The Galleria

The Galleria is one of the largest malls in country. It has more than 400 shops and takes up more than two million square feet of space. The mall is designed to appeal to a diverse group of people and shoppers. It has the traditional department store anchors, such as Nordstrom, Saks 5th Avenue, and not one, but two Macy’s. Retailers in the Galleria range from the very  high end, such as La Perla and Chanel, to fast fashion shops that appeal to those on a tighter budget, such as Zara and H&M.

Centre at Post Oak

The Centre at Post Oak is located across from the Houston Galleria. It features a variety of shopping options, such as the first Houston location of Nordstrom Rack, an Old Navy, and a Marshall’s. While the mall focuses on clothing and accessories, the Centre at Post Oak features a wider range of stores, including furniture stores, such as Arhaus Furniture, and a mattress store.

Uptown Park

Any Uptown, Houston shopping trip should include a visit to Uptown Park. The layout of the shopping center is designed to mimic an Italian piazza, so you are able to wander outdoors when traveling from shop to shop. There are 38 retailers in the shopping center, ranging from children’s clothing stores, such as Mint Baby and Kids, to women’s fashion stores, such as LOFT. Uptown Park also has a number of specialty stores, ranging from a cigar shop to a couture tailor.

Grocery Stores

While having plenty of places to shop for clothing and household objects is important, so is having a wide selection of places to do your grocery shopping. Luckily, the Uptown area is home to a number of grocery stores.  For example, a Whole Foods Market is located near the Galleria. The Whole Foods features hundreds of items produced in the Houston area, as well as a selection of eco-friendly and sustainable accessories and clothing. One of the highlights of the market is that it is home to the only Whole Foods brewery in the country.

People who like to buy in bulk will be right at home at the area’s Costco Warehouse. The warehouse is for members only, meaning you  have to pay an annual fee to shop there, or go to the store with someone who is a member. Along with offering deals on bulk purchases, Costco also has discounted gas, hearing aids, and vision services.

Whether you love shopping or only go when you need to, having plenty of options nearby can make the process more enjoyable. In the Uptown area, you’ll find enough retailers to fit anyone’s taste and budget.