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Houston Galleria Neighborhood Overview

Robust economic data and a hip atmosphere make Houston, Texas a great place to develop your career. The fourth largest city in the United States boasts some impressive opportunities, and Houston seems to be poised for continued growth over the next decade. However, good employment prospects are only a part of the equation when looking for a place to live. Transportation, shopping, and recreational space should also on your checklist of priorities when moving to a new area. Fortunately, the Galleria district of Houston offers all the items on this checklist and more. The following list aims to provide valuable information about the neighborhood.


Getting around Galleria is fairly easy with a vehicle. A network of large highways allows for easy transportation between Houston and its surrounding suburbs. And despite their large population, greater Houston area neighborhoods do not have as much of a parking problem as other major metropolitan areas, mostly because of their layout.

Multiple bus routes serve the area, including crosstown routes 32 and 73. Officials have also announced plans to expand a light rail line in the future.


Those renting in Houston’s Galleria district will have no problem finding shopping options close by. The area is home to an impressive shopping mall, appropriately named The Galleria, which hosts a number of retailers and restaurants. Coming in at over 2 million square feet, The Galleria is big even by Texas standards, and features some rare amenities with which few shopping arenas can contend. Included on this list of rarities are two hotels, a financial office tower, and an indoor ice rink that operates year round.

The flagship stores of Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus, and Sak’s Fifth Avenue can all be found in the mall. A Macy’s department store makes for a fourth anchor store, although it is not designated as the retailer’s flagship location. Other popular retailers include Ralph Lauren, Tiffany and Co., Prada, and Gucci.

Dining and Nightlife

Galleria’s dining and nightlife venues vary in both taste and location. Everything from Tex-Mex to Moroccan cuisine is just a short drive away, with even more options to choose from in the downtown district. One notable strip of restaurants and bars runs along Post Oak Boulevard, with its collection of cafes, delis, and Vietnamese noodle houses. Of course, many well-known restaurants have setup shop in The Galleria mall as well. Ranging from upscale chains, like Del Frisco’s Steakhouse, to child-friendly themed restaurants, like Rainforest Café, the mall presents an abundance of dining choices for nearly every palette.

Outdoor Recreation

With its hospitable temperatures and limited rainy days, the greater Houston area is a remarkable place for those who enjoy the outdoors. Galleria residents are fortunate enough to be less than two miles from Memorial Park Conservancy, which happens to be the largest outdoor recreational area within the beltway. Memorial Park boasts over thirty miles of hiking and biking trails, as well as numerous playgrounds, a fitness center, and even a golf course. The park is also home to the Houston Arboretum, a 155-acre nature sanctuary dedicated to educating people about the importance of environmental stewardship.

Job Opportunities in Galleria

Due to Houston’s role in America’s energy infrastructure, the area is ripe with employment opportunities for engineers and other highly skilled professionals. Many Fortune 500 companies have regional offices throughout Houston, and the list of Fortune 500 employers in Galleria is beyond impressive. Apache Corporation, DOW Chemical, General Electric, and Duke Energy all operate in the district, as do many other firms too numerous to mention. The area is also popular among creative professionals, and Clear Channel has a regional location in the district as well.

Renting in Galleria, Texas

With its short commute times, abundance of shopping and dining options, scenic outdoor areas, and highly respected employers, it’s understandable why Galleria consistently ranks among America’s best places to live and work.

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